Tubing in Texas: What Are the Rules and Regulations for Tube Size?

If you're planning to go tubing in Texas, you'll need to be aware of the rules and regulations regarding tube size. On the Comal River, boats must not exceed 18 feet in length and round inflatable tubes must not be more than five feet in diameter. Additionally, only two tubes are allowed per person. Canoes and kayaks are not permitted to use the last tuber outlet in the Comal River on weekends and holidays. The regulations for the San Marcos River also prohibit throwing any kind of garbage into the river.

This includes empty bottles and cans, as drinking while floating is a popular activity for tubers. To help keep the rivers clean, several organizations volunteer to clean up rivers at various times during the tubing season. The Friends For Rivers (FFR) organization carries out the biggest cleanup effort at the end of the tubing season. To learn more about Comal County's river regulations and safety tips that apply to Canyon Lake, Texas and Tube Haus, check out this short video.

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