Tubing in Texas: What Type of Watercraft is Allowed on Private Waterways?

Tubing in Texas is a great way to spend a summer day, with many rivers and lakes providing the perfect opportunity for a fun and exciting adventure. But before you hit the water, it's important to know what type of watercraft is allowed on private waterways. The most popular points of descent on the Guadalupe River are centered in New Braunfels, San Marcos, Gruene, and San Antonio. With so many places to get in and out of the water, you can spend as much or as little time in the river as you want.

Many of the towns along the Guadalupe River have cabins and camping spots for visitors to enjoy by the water. The state park and state police are very vigilant along the river. Give up your alcohol and don't store it in the cooler while it floats down the river. The float along the Comal River is approximately 3 miles long. This is a beautiful stretch of river that is ideal for families and one of the best rivers to float in Texas.

As you float down the river, there are several sandbars where you can stop for a picnic or a swim. One of the benefits of the Comal is the amount of shade along the banks of the river due to the huge oak trees. The Comal River feeds the Schlitterbahn complex in New Braunfels and is a relaxing and fun day trip. The beautiful Colorado River is the longest river in Texas. While there are several rural areas where locals enjoy the river, the most popular area is in Central Texas, just east of Austin.

Bastrop, Texas, offers tubers a calm and constant buoyancy in the river, with beautiful trees lining the banks of the river. This stretch of Texas is known for its wildlife, and people navigating the river can see a variety of birds and even some deer or rabbits while relaxing in the cold waters of the Colorado River. If you're traveling near Dallas-Fort Worth, the Trinity River is one of North Texas' favorite places for tubing. One of the best parts of Floating The Trinity are the bands that play on the river from June to August every summer. Whether you're parking your vehicle or using Uber to return to your hotel, floating on the Trinity River creates an oasis in the middle of DFW Metroplex. The Medina River passes through Bandera, Texas, and flows into Lake Medina, approximately half an hour northwest of San Antonio.

Although this river eventually flows into Gulf of Mexico, the best stretch to intubate this river is around Bandera. The water level of Medina River depends not only on springs but also on rainfall. The spring and early summer water level is perfect for tubing in Texas and has only gentle rapids without sharp drops as it winds southeast toward gulf. This spring-fed river is a popular spot for tubing among young and college-age adults. It runs through city of San Marcos and is close to Texas State University.

The San Marcos River is known for its crystal clear waters; in San Marcos, you can even take a snorkeling or glass-bottom boat tour along river. The White River meanders through beautiful landscape of South Texas. The best tube along this river is through White State Park. The trail along Blanco has beautiful nature scenes and is a soft, relaxing float. When it comes to safety on private waterways when tubing in Texas, there are several rules that must be followed.

Operate PWC less than 50 feet from another PWC, speedboat, boat, platform, person, object, or shore, except at forward speed without creating waves or wake. There are currently NO public ramps or private payboat ramps on Lake McQueeney. While the lake is a public waterway, the state or county has not provided public access ramps. Existing boat ramps are those that are maintained by several subdivisions for use by their residents or other ramps on private property. When you're tubing in Texas, don't forget that your legs and feet also need plenty of sunscreen.

Placing a tube means great coverage for your entire front body. There are dozens of rivers in Texas that provide opportunities for diving and swimming during summer months. Ensuring that weight in tube is properly distributed and balanced becomes even more important when it comes to safety and performance. Multiple conductors in a tube also mean extra arms, legs, and hands making it harder to ensure that tubers don't get tangled up with tow rope. Passengers traveling in multi-person tubes should remember to communicate with each other at all times when they are in water.

It's also important to slow down when driving on ship's wakes to avoid back injuries especially if driver is lying face down on tube. Both boat driver and subway passengers must know rules and conditions particular body of water they are making tubes on. There are two things to keep in mind when buying or renting a tube: don't buy black ones if you're in sunny area and make sure it has cup holder.

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